Diversity is our strength

We respect the fact that each of us is different, which is why our portfolio includes as many as five brands - each of them is addressed to a slightly different recipient.

We believe that thanks to this, every woman will find something for herself in our offer.

Sensible and sensual - MOE women know their needs and style, which they choose according to the daytime.

In MOE collections you will find comfortable „casual” sets: cotton-based joggers and pullovers as well as office suits, shirts and other classic pieces.

Our primary aim when we were launching our collections was to create functional styles, for women to feel comfortable all day long, but still we realized women love fancy pieces, too. This is why today we can boast more that 400 various styles coming in array of hues to choose from, sold around the world to active women facing their everyday challenges.

We keep searching for inspirations and following the trends so that our active clients could find online what their sense of style tells them to look for. Our creative team work intensively with new designs to launch 4 collections a year.

We found inspiration to start up a new brand in women of course - the women who have worked for us all this time… busy, very different, some in sneakers, others in heels and always wearing something they say is „easy to style” and „quick”. Selecting from a range of natural knit and woven fabrics such as cotton, viscose, linen we aimed to indulge women with flattering and above all comfortable clothes. In this way we create sustainable, versatile pieces perfect for day-to-day dressing which, with the help of well-chosen accessories, will make sophisticated outfits for special occasions.

BE woman is a great fan of comfort but knows her strengths and can easily flatter her figure with the right choice of clothes. Because clothing should be about having fun, taking some risks, and enjoying the way you look.

Recently we have added knitwear to our collections and our basics are embellished with prints, embroidery or faux-leather patches. Our heads are full of ideas!

Femininity and elegance in the office - this was our mainstream, which we followed from the beginning of creating the Stylove brand. We wanted to meet the requirements of women who need to look neat and professional on a daily basis, hence the slogans of "soft office" and "business casual" became the mission of our brand. These are reliable propositions for work, consisting of easy-to-style dresses and overalls as well as sets to compose according to your preferences - trousers or skirts, shirts and blouses with jackets, and even sweaters for any combination.

We knew from our own experience that the right outfit for work raises our self-esteem and makes us more self-confident, hence - we perform our tasks with greater motivation. Our priority was to help women who, despite a specific dress code, can still feel feminine, attractive and comfortable.

It is a brand that allows you to express your true “me” in various situations. The keywords of each Makover collection are: freshness, courage and fun. The Makover Woman is committed to culture and you will find her at a recent exhibition or opening of a new club. She likes taking risks, but is in no way reckless. She loves transformation, but her style remains authentic and follows her principles. It becomes a source of inspiration for your friends. She is confident, knows what she likes and has clearly defined goals in life.

When creating new collections, we are strongly inspired by the retro style, but we present it in a modern way. The characteristic features are puffed sleeves, pleats, extended legs, open shoulders and underlined or elevated waist.

The new brand is a great challenge, but thanks to a precisely defined plan and a strategy buttoned up to the last button, we are able to create it in in such a way as to follow the designated path all the time. We believe that in this way we give a lot of joy to new clients who live on their own terms and know their value.

Loungewear and sleepwear, that is everything a woman feels good in - comfortable and at home. It is a selection of pajamas, comfortable and sexier, made of knitted and high-quality fabrics that allow the skin to breathe.

There are tops and bottoms for pajamas that can be combined in any way. We do not limit the selection to only one element in the set, but we allow the freedom to create any combination. In addition to the traditional two-piece pajamas, we also have interesting t-shirts for sleeping and bathrobes to be thrown over the nightwear.

The Lalupa brand range does not end only with pajamas. For our clients, we also have extremely comfortable and up-to-date sets of home clothes - tracksuits, dresses, overalls, tunics or leggings for comfortable spending time at home and during trips.