About us

Who we are

and what do we offer?

The beginning of our activity dates back to 2010. We had a vision, motivation, idea and a lot of willingness to take an active part in the lives of many women. We knew, however, that we had a difficult task ahead of us that would take time. Today, after 12 years of operation, we can boast our own sewing room, which employs almost 200 people who care about the quality of the clothes we sew. Thanks to this, we are able to supervise the process of creating each model at any stage. Currently, we are able to produce several thousand pieces a day. It is worth adding that our machine park is constantly being expanded and there is more and more equipment and new employees. Due to the great interest in our products throughout the year, we decided to enlarge the warehouse and now we can store tens of thousands of items there. This enables us to express delivery to contractors.

We consistently implement our strategy to raise the bar each time and thus develop on many levels at the same time. We owe a lot of success to our team, which puts a part of itself in each task. Without experienced, creative, hard-working and loyal people, we would not be able to climb so high and take the next steps in the world of fashion.


our mission -

bring a smile to your face

We were well aware that launching a new, next brand on the market is not an easy task. We did not give up at any stage and, step by step, we pursued the set goal. Experience and careful observation of women from various groups helped us to achieve it.

We looked for inspiration everywhere, but it was always situations from everyday life that gave us answers to our questions. We analyzed and drew conclusions, which we then put on paper - this is how new projects were created, which we are proud to present today. We believe that clothing is not only a piece of fabric, but something much more. We want women who decide to buy our brands to feel something special and express themselves in various life situations.